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13 minutes

Provenance is an essay film that explores the colonial practices of claiming and preserving nature, and how they are inextricably linked to European colonisation. Using the island of Mauritius as a setting to examine these ideas, the film connects a mountain, a basket weaver, the loneliest palm tree in the world and a rehabilitated indigenous forest. These seemingly separate entities co-exist in past, present and future tenses, bound by an intangible ancestral presence.

Provenance was researched and filmed during my residency at Partage (a Triangle Network partner) in Mauritius in 2021. Supported by LUX, and using public funding by Arts Council England.

Provenance premiered at LUX, London on July 26, 2023 with a screening event in conversation with artist Shiraz Bayjoo.

LUX online exhibition  July 27 - Aug 10, 2023.

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